Speed up your access to increased capacity

We do the onboarding checks, so you don’t have to. Using our network of verified members means you can subcontract with confidence, and know who you are doing business with at all times.
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Our Partnership

In logistics, identity fraud causes issues.

Not knowing who you’re working with can lead to cargo theft, financial and legal trouble, and PR disasters.

At the heart of our verified network of subcontractors is a partnership with Trustd - a leading provider of identity verification and management.

With this partnership, Integra provides you with access to – and visibility of – a network of compliant, professional, verified businesses.

Do business not documents

Reduce cost & complexity

Access new subcontractors quickly, avoiding the delays of verifying
Peace of mind

Remove the uncertainty of subcontracting by knowing who you are doing business with at all times
Verify faster

Verify your business quickly to become a verified Trustd member on the platform.

Reduce repetitive tasks

Upload once and verify many times, taking your Trustd profile with you to use upon other Trustd networks.

Frictionless authentication

Behind the scenes we check all members documents and IDs against the relevant sources of authority to ensure their authenticity. So when you see the Trustd tick on our platform, you can be confident they are a verified and trusted member.
Business Checks
Vehicle Checks
Person Checks

Why it matters

Our Partnership with Trustd ensures that your your load is as protected as possible using verification. Our member onboarding and identity authentication solution addresses the verification needs commonly associated with approving new customers, leaving you free to enjoy rapid access to verified and trusted carriers.
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